AlaskaglobalstarUS Satellite Phone Rental Details

             Rental Satellite Phones from AlaskaGlobalstarUS

AlaskaglobalstarUS image of a GS1600 SatPhone
Easy to use direct dialing satellite telephone for use in the outdoors of Bush Alaska


Here is what you get:  Qualcomm GS-1600 Satellite Phone, extra battery, AC Charger, DC Charger.

Call Information: Unlimited calling in Alaska and to the Lower-48. No Extra Fees! Direct dialing just like a cellphone dial the area code and number, no 800 exchange or special PIN codes are necessary. The phone can be set up with voicemail for missed calls when the phone is turned off for long periods (see instructions).

Costs: Daily $20, Seven Day week – $100.00, 10 Days – $142.80 Monthly- $300.00


-If the phone is lost, broken or stolen the replacement cost will be the cost of a new GS-1700, or GS-1600 if available.

*Calls outside of the USA to Canada and Mexico will be billed at a dollar a minute, plus applicable connection fees.


How long will the battery last? If the phone is used regularly or left on daily about 12 hours of switched on time. A charged spare battery comes with each rental.

How long does it take to recharge the battery? Normally about 5 hours to fully charge a battery with maximum daily usage. Plug it in when you go to bed or are resting. Turn the phone off when not needed to conserve battery time.

Will I get coverage everywhere in Alaska? No, to connect to the satellite you need to point the phone antenna south toward the horizon in an un-obscured area (no trees, buildings or mountains looking south on the horizon.) The Sat Phone will work in most places where it can see 180 Degrees South, and will alert you when it has a signal from the satellite.

What happens if a call drops or I lose a call quickly after dialing? Wait 5 minutes and redial. If you can’t get a signal wait or change your location by a few feet.

What if I have a question about the phone when in the bush? Call my cell phone or text me with your GS-1600 phone. My number is programmed into the phone or call Globalstar Customer Care available 24/7 on +353 1 296 2525.

Call now and schedule your rental of a Qualcomm-GS1600 Globalstar Phone: 907-230-9425 ask for Rob or email:



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